About BloodGroupFinder.com

On average, a person spends 6.7 hours a day on facebook! Why not use this time for a good cause? Blood Group Finder is the pioneer application that has integrated with the most popular social media network in the globe to create a platform where people connect based on their blood type. The Application gathers your friends from facebook with their blood groups and form your own Personal Blood Bank so that in case of emergencies one can rely upon his/her friends.

In addition, the user can request the facebook friends or volunteers during blood emergency very easily and share it in facebook.

It also features volunteer donors search, where donors can be searched not only from one's own friends list but can be expanded to include all volunteers in that area. Using the search feature it is very easy to find out those volunteers and their group according with their locations

The Ideology

The idea for the project came up after a difficult experience where one of the founders required blood for his friend's uncle. After searching a lot they found a donor who was known to his friends. The ideology of knowing ones friend's blood group for immediate help budded the development of this application.

App Working

The Registration with BloodGroupFinder is simple, by connecting with your facebook account via a verified facebook application. In the Registration form, user needs to fill his own blood group and the location where he is living. The user can set the profile privacy as Facebook friends only or Volunteer. The Volunteer Profile is shared in public site search based on location and Facebook friends are only accessible to their real facebook friends. After the Successful registration the user will be able to access the post about the blood request by other registered members under the home tab, if the user is eligible to donate or wants to pass any message to the requested person can achieved by instant fb chat message. The user can also request blood and share the request with the friends.

The Team

Ajith Prakash Ansen Abhinav

Ajith Prakash
Founder / UI / Design

Ansen E Anand

Co Founder & Facebook App Developer

Abhinav Gambhir

Social Media / Business Development

Contact us

mail to: support@bloodgroupfinder.com